Jianglian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JLianco) came from Jiangxi Boiler Works and Jiangxi Petrochemical Machinery Plant, both of them was established in 1958 and one of the national key enterprises under former Ministry of Mechanical Industry and former Ministry of Chemical Industry respectively. The name of the company was Jiangxi Boiler & Petrochemical Machinery United Co., Ltd. after the consolidation of Jiangxi Boiler Works and Jiangxi Petrochemical Machinery Plant in 1992. And renamed Jiangxi Jianglian Energy & Environment Co., Ltd in 2001 after company shareholding system transformation and Jianglian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd  in 2010 after its privatization approved the state government

JLianco, as a manufacturing enterprise of energy equipment and a national high-tech enterprise supported by People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and People’s Government of Nanchang city, possesses the following certificates and qualifications: Design, Manufacture and Installation Qualifications for Grade A Boiler and Grade A1, A2, A3 Pressure Vessels; Import & Export Enterprise Qualification; Design and Manufacture Licenses of Grade A Boiler and Grade A1, A2, A3 Pressure Vessels; Certificate of Works Approval for Marine Steel Welded Pressure Vessels; ASME Certificates (Stamps S, U, U2, PP); Enterprise Qualification for Construction and Installation; Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment including boiler, pressure vessel, etc.; ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate; ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate; GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate.

The main products of JLianco include oil & gas fired boilers as well as high-low circulating fluidized bed boilers with capacities from 35t/h to 670t/h, biomass fired boilers, paper sludge & sewage sludge fired boilers, MSW fired boilers with processing capacities from 200 to 1000 tons/day, waste heat boilers of coke dry quenching & sintering, etc.; spherical tanks with volumes from 120m3 to 10000m3, LNG low temperature tanks, stainless steel equipment, high pressure thick-walled vessels, high pressure fatigue resistant equipment, reaction vessels, tower vessels, heat exchangers, large-sized marine storage tanks, composite board vessels, overlay welding vessels, etc. JLianco has obtained 6 inventive patents, nearly 100 utility model patents and various honors such as Second Award of National Scientific & Technical Progress. Our products are widely applied in different industries for example Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Chemical, Papermaking, Pharmaceutical, Construction, New Energy, etc.

Our products were successfully exported to Thailand in 2004, which means that JLianco entered international market from then on. Under the guidance of “Going global” strategy implemented by Chinese government, the products have been sold all over the world since 2004; particularly, JLianco and Ethiopia Sugar Corporation signed the EPC contract with a value of USD 647 million for KURAZ 5 sugar factory in 2013, which is the largest ever single order of exporting products in electromechanical industry of Jiangxi province.

Brand effect of JLianco has been strengthened with the successful operations of many projects in overseas market, and JLianco has received high praises from partners, which can bring opportunity into developing new fields and new markets. Currently, JLianco has global marketing network, furthermore the products are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. JLianco will always be there for the customers from provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, Asian-Pacific region, Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe as well as any places where the equipment and technical support are required. JLianco strives to expand market influence and to spur business growth in the industries of boiler, petrochemical energy equipment by focusing on energy conservation, consumption reduction, environment protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, along with relying on advanced technology.